Consumables management services remove the need for your staff to spend time
ordering and replenishing consumable inventory.

We understand that today’s business owner is focused on expanding markets, building revenue and are facing an ever increasing demand on their time and resources. By offering consumables management, we feel some of this burden can be alleviated.

We all know that Managing consumables is a time-consuming and tedious task for most owners and facility managers. As a wind rose co. client, we will provide you with consistent tracking, ordering, delivering and storing of consumables at your facility. You will no longer need to keep track of supplies and inventory.

During regular cleaning service visits, our cleaning technicians will monitor every consumable item throughout the facility to replace, refill low or depleted stocks, and to authorise reorders for the consumables.

Consumables management services remove the need for your personnel to spend time ordering and replenishing your consumable inventory. It can take up to 20 minutes to order online according to a recent survey. When you consider the hours needed to order, receive deliver, store inventory, check inventory levels and refill or replenish, consumable management services become increasingly attractive.

Contact us to organise a consultation where we can tailor a reliable, cost effective package to suit your specific needs and presentation requirements.

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