By polishing your floors, wind rose co. will help you increase their lifespan and lift their
appearance which is essential for a clean, bright and fresh looking premises.

From deep cleaning to general upkeep and maintenance, wind rose co. hard flooring surface care — including marble polishing, wood floor cleaning and buffing and concrete machine cleaning — is designed to maintain the quality and condition of your flooring for years to come.

Floor polishing can give your commercial premises the visual lift it needs to look like new.

If you have concrete, tiles, marble, stone, wood or vinyl flooring them wind rose co. has the professional floor polishing team to meet your needs.

High traffic on vinyl and wood floors can leave them scuffed, scratched, dirty and lacking their glossy appearance. This makes them look dirty and worn.

We are also equipped and experienced in vinyl strip and seals to rejuvenate dilapidated vinyl flooring. Because we know floors are a highly used part of your commercial business, we will accommodate after hours service to reduce the impact to your business day.

Contact us to organise a consultation where we can tailor a reliable, cost effective package to suit your specific needs and presentation requirements.