wind rose co. offer an essential service in maintaining overall hygiene levels
and antimicrobial treatment that is tailored to your environment.

The Service

We differentiate ourselves by providing an advanced application process which offers the next level of protection, hygiene and long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology.

We utilise ZOONO-71 surface sanitiser which is TGA approved for COVID-19. Our unique application process utilises the very best of advanced Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayer technology combined with long lasting antimicrobial ZOONO–71 to safely apply to a wide range of surface

The Technology

When ZOONO-71 is applied with Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayer the ZOONO-71 particles are  positively charged and attracted to negative surfaces which means the disinfectant wraps around surfaces for an even coat, forming aperfect layer of antimicrobial spikes on each surface creating an inhabitable environment for pathogens and significantly reduces the spread of harmful viruses, fungi, mould and yeast lasting up to 30 days.

wind rose co. network of cleaning technicians are trained and certified in infection control procedures to prevent and protect against the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, influenza, MRSA, HIV and many others and maintain safe and healthy environments for you and your clients.

Process and
Proven Results

1 Preparation

– As ZOONO-71 is purified water based, alcohol free and free from harmful chemicals, there is minimal down time and no need for full body PPE as ZOONO-71 is less toxic than vitamin C and coffee.

– Initial pathogen levels are recorded.

2 Pre-cleaning

All surfaces are prepared by cleaning with soap and water.

3 Application

ZOONO-71  is applied to surfaces using Victory Electrostatic Sprayers. ZOONO-71 leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface forming an antimicrobial barrier of positively charged microscopic pins that attract and kill pathogens.

4 Results

After application we swab test your pathogen levels again providing instant results.

The layer of antimicrobial ins carries on working for up to 30 days on surfaces. Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the ZOONO-71 molecule or its antimicrobial activity.

5 Monitor

We compare initial results to our post ZOONO-71 application and monitor pathogen levels at random throughout the 30 day protection period.

It is expected that after  ZOONO-71 is applied, test results will remain comfortably within our safe zone for 30 days.

Contact us to organise a consultation where we can tailor a reliable, cost effective package to suit your specific needs and presentation requirements.