Cleaning services are a major aspect of Aged Care Quality Standards in terms of health and well-being, comfort and safety for your residents while allowing your staff to provide the best services and maintain your organizations reputation.

At wind rose co. we pride ourselves on creating cleaner and safer facilities.

In nursing homes and elderly care institutions, sanitation is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the residents. Maintaining cleanliness in shared facilities – especially where the aged are concerned – prevents the common cold and other infectious airborne diseases from spreading amongst residents, guests and staff.

Not only this, in aged care cleaners often end up playing the role of friend and confidant to residents, who can be reluctant to interrupt busy nursing and medical staff with everyday concerns. It’s not uncommon for residents to share useful information with their cleaner, who can convey it down the line for healthcare workers to address.

We feel that It’s important that the industry recognises this special role that cleaners play in aged care facilities, and that it consciously seeks to elevate their importance from someone who just mops the floor.

wind rose co. have helped our clients achieve the highest standard of clinical hygiene – done so with our focus on infection control procedures.

We tailor our services alongside our clients particular daily, weekly or monthly routines to help prevent or minimise the risk of spread of infection within their healthcare setting. We do this in addition to routine cleaning by using long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology.

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