At wind rose co., we provide specialised services for a range of sporting and exercise facilities. If you require sports centre cleaning, gym
cleaning or leisure centre cleaning services, we develop a highly effective cleaning program that will ensure your facility is kept hygienically clean.

We believe that gyms and the broader fitness industry have a vital role in ensuring the ongoing health and wellbeing of Australians.

Gyms and sports centres are a high-risk environment and need to be cleaned more regularly. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is very prevalent in an environment like a gym because of the abundance of food source bacteria – there is a lot more energy being exerted and expelled. It is essential that proper and effective methods to remove any biomaterial from surfaces are used.

wind rose co. pride ourselves on using effective cleaning methods, processes, cross-contamination prevention and cloth/mop laundering processes.

We utilise electrostatic technology to ensure your equipment is properly sanitised and will remain infection free and safe for use by your members. wind rose co. understand the types of cleaning services required to ensure your facility remains at its best for your clients no matter the size of your gym or sports facility.

a infection prevention with microbial technology

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