When making the huge investment of purchasing a house, people will visit your display homes first to have a look.

two story house beside water

Your display homes need to be in pristine condition to give you the optimal chance of making the sale. This is your business on show to your customers, and wind rose co. can make sure it looks as perfect as possible to leave a lasting impression.

wind rose co. provide both staging cleaning and pre-sale cleaning – to help sellers get ready for your visit to prepare details and take photographs, and to be ready for prospective buyer viewings.

In both cases, wind rose co. highly trained team will clean your vendors’ properties to the very highest of standards, and to the smallest of detail, helping you to promote them at their very best.

And, when it comes to selling homes, you’re always looking to gain every advantage you can over similar properties in the area, and other real estate agents marketing them.

We can provide maintenance cleaning services to prepare homes for sale, to maintain show homes and marketing suites, contact us to discuss how we can assist.

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